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e-Invoicing to the Federal Government/schoolbooks (UEW)

The process described below applies for all schools connected with purchases at the expense of the Family Relief Fund (FLAG).

  • The school orders UEW (teaching materials of its own choice) from the bookseller thereby considering the available budget (this arises from schoolbook-online).
  • The bookseller delivers the goods (either by own service or through a delivery service).
  • The bookseller issues a delivery note or an invoice copy, showing the description, the amount and the price of the goods.
  • The delivery note or the invoice copy must be attached to the delivery.
  • The school verifies the accuracy of the delivery and confirms the delivery extent and its factual accuracy on the delivery note or on the invoice copy.
  • The school sends a copy of the confirmed delivery note or invoice copy as a PDF document via e-mail to the bookseller. It is not necessary to send a letter mail.
  • The bookseller submits the e-Invoice with the delivery note or the invoice copy as a PDF document to the FLAG team of the responsible tax office.
    • Most of the booksellers use the invoicing program KÖBU-Win or Book-Hit. These are special programs for booksellers selling schoolbooks, which enable documenting orders and deliveries.
    • With these programs delivery notes or invoice copies can be issued.
    • Furthermore, these programs can generate e-invoices that can be delivered via the business service portal.
    • The bookseller scans the confirmed delivery note or invoice copy and submits it as an attachment to the e-Invoice.
    • If the attachment cannot be created and submitted electronically, the bookseller submits the attachment as a paper in a letter, indicating the reference number of the e-Invoice.

School events

If the contracting partner of the federal government (supplier) addresses the e-Invoice to the school itself (contracting authority), it can be assumed to be a contractual relationship between the supplier and the federal government department "school". In this case, pursuant to section 5 para 2 IKTKonG, an e-Invoice must be issued and submitted to the school.

Is the invoice addressed personally to a person of the school administration (e.g. a teacher), a contracting relationship between the supplier and the private person is assumed. In this case there is no need for an e-Invoice.