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Supplier number for the Federal Government

The supplier number identifies the master data account of a contracting partner of a governmental department within the federal budgeting and bookkeeping system (HV system). The number usually has 8 digits (e.g. 10012345). For historical reasons, some contracting partners of federal government departments have several supplier numbers in the contracting authority system.

For technical reasons, contracting partners who also have a contract with the Federal Procurement Agency (BBG) additionally have an ES supplier number (e.g. ES99999999) in the contracting authority system. This supplier number is in any case unique and is to be used preferentially for e-Invoices to the federal government, irrespective of whether the order was made by the BBG or not.

In case federal government departments have awarded several different supplier numbers, the contracting partners of the federal government have the possibility to state only one supplier number on their invoices (preferentially the ES supplier number, if available). With this supplier number e-Invoices can be submitted to all federal government departments.

End of October 2016 the federal government did an internal change to their systems that leads to a new supplier number (business partner number) for certain suppliers. Affected suppliers are informed via the confirmation email to a submitted invoice as well as on the confirmation PDF that is send from E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT. Sometimes a federal government department may also contact a supplier directly. This new supplier number is to be used for all e-Invoices to solely federal government agencies and has precedence over any other supplier number.

If you do not yet know your supplier number, please contact the commissioning governmental department directly. Neither the E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT support nor the USP hotline can provide any information in this matter.